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Hey There,
I'm Renata!

A passionate and experienced music teacher offering private, online and in-person music lessons to both kids and adults. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, I can help you achieve your musical goals. Let's get started!


About Me

My name is Mrs. Renata Varadi. My spouse and I have two kids. 

I am a violin and piano instructor from Calgary, Alberta. I have been teaching music for 19 years, I received my music degree in 2004 in Hungary. My love for music started at the young age of 4 and I've been playing ever since.


I began my studies at a music based elementary school at the age of 6. There, i took theory and choir singing in several keys and made it my own. 

In that same year is when I first began Music school to take violin. I have also won 2 music competitions as a child.

I always knew what I wanted to accomplish with my life. I've always loved sharing my knowledge and assisting others, especially with music for kids.

I adore observing my students expressions as they learn and take pleasure in their music classes.


I believe that learning music should be fun and engaging, and I strive to create a positive and encouraging learning environment for all my students.

Because each person is unique, they require various strategies and teaching methods. I'm confident that I can identify the most effective method for each person to learn and advance in the field of music.


Join my classes and let's start making some music together! 

Watch Me Perform


Bela Bartok Music High School

Aug 1996 - July 2000

In 1996 I won acceptance into the Bela Bartok Music High School, in Miskolc Hungary as a violin and piano major. I attended there for 4 years and graduated with honour in the year 2000. I also had the opportunity to be a student to excellent musicians. 

Bela Bartok Music Academy 

September 2000 - May 2004

In the year 2000 I was accepted into the Bela Bartok Music Institute in Miskolc, Hungary. 

I played in orchestra, chamber orchestra as well as sang in choir. In addition, i also studied to be a choir director, partitura reading, transposing in different key signatures, classical music composing, singing and reading in 7 different clefs, vocal training, musical psychology, musical history, philosophy, methodology and child psychology. 

I got my diploma in 2004.



English, Hungarian

Piano, Violin, Viola, 

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